Top Trends in Basement Renovation and Design

Basements are often the multipurpose space in the house, where the laundry gets done and cardboard boxes heaped with seasonal items continue to pile up. But what if your basement could be something more? More and more homeowners are jumping aboard the trend of renovating their basements to get more space and use out of the their home. Plus, renovating your basement will add even more value to your house.


That said, what if you are having trouble deciding how you want to design your basement? Do you need some ideas for basement renovation? Then check out these top trends and get inspired!


Open Concepts

Most houses these days are built with an open concept design that creates expansiveness and flexibility to create your dream home. Basements are no different. The idea of open concept basements is that you have multiple sections with designated purposes, but these points all flow into one another. For example, you might have a TV and couch, bar, and writing desk in the basement, making a place for work and play that is secluded from the rest of the house. You are free to mix and match various styles to create a unique sanctuary for you and yours.


Lounge Space

The basement can be an expansion of the upstairs space, not just a storage unit. In fact, more homeowners are transforming their basements into comfortable hangouts, complete with gaming, cozy furniture, and other amenities designed for lounging with a greater number of people or all alone. Lounges also are sometimes used for watching sports, reading books, working on artwork, or even as a private office.


Theater Rooms

There are two ways you can transform your basement into a miniature theater: an enclosed theater space or an open TV space. Both require much of the same items to pull off, such as plus reclining chairs, projection screens or big screened televisions, LED floor lighting, surround sound, and much more. However, since you need to enclose a theater room with extra walls, you might find that the open space is much more cost-effective.


Home Gyms

Another popular idea that has been trending for many years is the humble home gym. Why spend money on a gym membership you are not going to use, especially if you dislike going to gym? If you have the space, the basement can be the ideal place to set up your personal gym. Larger basements have the ability to house several workout machines, like a barbell rack, treadmill, and other so on, whereas smaller home gyms might have a yoga nook and a selection of free weights. Either way, a home gym is bound to get you motivated and keep you working.


Bars and Breweries

Do you love serving up cocktails for friends when entertaining? Ever dream of crafting your own beer? The basement is ideal for setting up a tiny pub so you can drink with friends, toast during sports games, or even whip up your own spirits. Whether you want it simple or complex, there’s plenty of designs to consider.


Are you feeling inspired yet? There are hundreds of trends for basement renovations, but we wanted to give you our favorites. When you have a basement, you have limitless opportunity to expand your home. So think about your likes and dislikes, and use that space wisely. Call Alba your home renovation service contractor in Ottawa.

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