Top Home Renovations Service Contractor in Canada For 2020

Every year, thousands of Canadian homeowners commit to changing their homes for the better. Although 2020 has yet to be a year of promise, doing some home renovations could be a great way to get through all the calamity and come out with a much more positive outlook. If you are looking for brighter rooms, energy efficiency, and more space, then take a look at these top home renovations in Canada for 2020 to inspire and motivate you.


Top Renovations in Canada for 2020

1. Window and Door Upgrades

Door and window upgrades make up a small fraction of home renovations in Canada, but that doesn’t mean they are worthwhile. Yes, the average window and door upgrade can cost well over $8,500, making it a bit concerning for those with a smaller budget. However, a little change can go a long way, especially if you are getting new doors and windows to decrease drafts and enhance heating and cooling in your home. While the overall may not change, you will save on your utility bill throughout the year—and that’s something worth getting behind.


2. Flooring

New floors can make an older house look and feel like its been recently constructed. Floor installations not only have a great return of investment (ROI), but they can assist with insulation, sound reduction, and have a huge impact on the overall appearance. This includes adding wooden floors, laying carpets, or putting down laminate. There are plenty of styles and materials to choose from, so you can have a different kind of floor for every part of your home, if you wanted it that way.


3. Roofing

Canadians know something about harsh winter conditions and the need for roofing that can withstand cold winters and intense summer rays. If you’re dithering about whether to get a new roof or not, consider this: if your current roof is more than 15 years old, it could have unnoticed damage. Hire a roofing contractor to come and inspect your roof so you can avoid any water damage in the future. Install a new roof anytime you get leaks in your home or start noticing other signs of damage, like curling, granule loss, or moss growth.


4. Tiles

Similar to the boom in flooring renovations in Canada for 2020, more homeowners are also turning their attention to tiling. Unlike flooring, though, tiling has many more applications. You can lay tile in a sun room, in the bathroom, outside for the patio, on ceilings, back-splashes, or wherever else you think a mosaic or tiling would look extraordinary.


Just make sure you consult with a pro before tiling your walls and floors. Some materials are far too porous for certain locations.


5. Painting

One of the best home renovations in Canada for 2020 you can do over the weekend is adding a fresh coat of paint to the walls. A little paint can do a lot for a room. Choose a modern color that is low-VOC. Not only is it healthier for you—because of fewer harmful chemicals—but it is also more eco-friendly in the long run.


6. Kitchen Renovation

Many people think of the kitchen as the soul of the household, the heart of togetherness. Because of this belief, investing in some kitchen renovations can go a long way. In fact, some studies have found that you can recoup up to 120% of the overall cost of a kitchen remodel as long as you play it smart.


A kitchen renovation can include adding some new cabinets, installing a granite countertop, investing in new lighting, or just replacing your old appliances with more energy-efficient models. Make sure that the remodel you decide on matches the theme of the rest of the house.


For example, if your home has a retro feel on the outside and inside, you should focus on the same essence within the kitchen. Otherwise, it could make selling your home in future more difficult.


7. Decks and Patios

Backyard patios and decks can transform your yard into an outdoor oasis and entertainment hub. No wonder there has been a surge in deck popularity over these past few years. Recently, decks made of eco-friendly, composite materials are gaining momentum over more traditional materials, like wood. Many homeowners are setting up open concept decks where everything flows together, giving people room to sit, grill, and garden freely.


8. Fencing

No amazing yard is complete without a little privacy. Plus, fences can do double duty by becoming a place to hang decorations or latticework for gardens. Fences are also great if you have pets and children, a backyard swimming pool, or want to cut down on any noise from traffic and neighbors.


9. Bathroom Renovation

Believe it or not, bathroom renovations are the most popular home improvement in Canada recently. Since 2016, the popularity of this project has increased. Now, Canadian families all over the country are adding bathrooms, repairing toilets, tiling their shower stalls, and making their bathrooms more energy-efficient. Whether you are remodeling, adding, or renovating your bathroom, there are plenty of ways to do the job without breaking the bank. Just make sure you are hiring a professional plumber to have the job done right!


10. Basement Renovation

Want to increase the value of your home and get additional living space while you’re at it? Then consider a basement renovation. Not only is it affordable to finish your basement, but the project has amazing ROI. You can transform your basement into a home office, playroom, entertainment center, movie theater, workout studio, or anything your heart desires.



Are you in need of a siding installation.


Home renovations are a wonderful way to pass the time while improving the overall functionality and comfort of your home. Whether the aim is to increase the value or finally put in that new addition you’ve always wanted, there are plenty of home renovation ideas on this list to help you choose your next improvement project. Now the only question is, which home renovation project are you going to start first? Call Alba your home renovation service contractor in Ottawa.
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