Tips To Save Money On Utilities This Winter

Tips to Save Money on Utilities this Winter and Still Stay Comfortable

Winter is here, and that means the temperatures are dropping, the heater is running, and you are wracking your brain trying to think of ways to be more economical. The good news is that, while it might be frigid outside, you can stay comfortable without having to spend a fortune. In fact, you can keep warm while saving money on your heat and electric this winter.

Here’s how:


Programmable Thermostats

Once upon a time, programmable thermostats were considered complex and expensive additions; but now they are widely available and worthwhile. Simply install the programmable thermostat in place of an old one. Once it is in place, you can manually control the temperature of your home, set a timer, or even turn the AC on and off from your smartphone or computer. Say goodbye to the days of forgetting to set the heater down before going to work!


Swap Out Old Bulbs For LEDs

These days, you can find LED bulbs everywhere. If you haven’t yet replaced the light bulbs in your home with LED technology, here’s a reason why you should: you will save a lot of money. Although LEDs cost more outright than incandescent bulbs, they emit less heat and are more energy-efficient when in use. This means that not only will they last longer, they are safer. In fact, LED bulbs last 25 times longer than regular incandescent bulbs and use only 16 percent of the energy that older bulbs do.


Replace Door Weatherstripping

Gaps in weatherstripping inevitably causes drafts—and those are no fun. With all that cold air rushing in, your HVAC system won’t stand a chance. You’ll see the price of utilities rise rapidly. Fortunately, replacing weatherstripping is a simple task that can help save around 30 percent of your heating bills.


Do this for all the places that may have a draft, whether it be doors, windows, or even vents and skylights. Make sure everything is sealed tightly against the cold.


Reverse The Ceiling Fans

Fans can be used for more than just keeping cool. With a little switch, they can counteract how hot air rises and circulate warmth throughout the home more easily. All you have to do is set the ceiling fans to run in reverse and then put them on low.


And don’t worry about this impacting your electric bill either. A ceiling fan rated at around 25 watts using only $0.15-0.20 per kWh, costing next to nothing over the winter season.


Low-Flow Showerheads

A low-flow showerhead might not sound like the most appealing option, but it is! The latest technology ensures that low-flow showerheads have exceptional pressure without wasting finite resources. Some models can use up to 60 percent less water than traditional models and do so by mixing air into the water stream, so you can the same massage-like effects. If you are considering our tips to save money on utilities this winter, this will help.

Heat gain and heat loss through windows are responsible for 25%–30% of residential heating and cooling energy costs. As a homeowner, you should consider the Benefits of Energy Star Rated Window and doors.
If you implement most of our tips to save money on utilities this winter, you will see a drop in your utility bill. Call Alba your home renovation service contractor in Ottawa.


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