Tips For a Successful Bathroom Renovation in Ottawa

Successful Bathroom Renovation Tips

Before you even start thinking about the colors of the bathroom, the shower heads and the tiles you want, you need to know what mistakes to avoid so this bathroom renovation is successful. After all, if you don’t know what you want or how to obtain the right materials, you might start and wind up at a dead end in the middle of the project. Here are some tips for a successful bathroom renovation that will have you saying “wow” every time you enter the space:


Do The Research

Before doing anything else, get online and do your research. Check out the pages of bathroom renovation specialists to see what kind of fixtures and materials are available, what the pricing might be, and receive some quotes from specialists (even if you go the DIY route) to get a good idea how much your ideas will cost. Knowing that your plan is feasible is first and foremost.


Know The Layout

Having a proper layout that considers the space is essential to creating a bathroom that is comfortable, flows, and is practical. If you are unsure of how to move around the sink, toilet, and shower, check in with a local architect or renovation company to have a look at various floor plans that can fit into your allotted space. Consider the aspects of a bathroom that are important to you, too. For example, do you want more natural light? A large shower instead of a bathtub?


Importance of Lighting

Never overlook the importance of lighting when it comes to a bathroom redesign. The bathroom should be a space where you can see clearly but doesn’t feel sterile. You might want to opt for natural lighting then use soft LED down lighting from track lighting. Also, be sure to choose lighting fixtures that are moisture-proof. If you live somewhere cold, you might even want to think about installing heat lamps.


Storage Space

A bathroom without enough storage space quickly becomes cluttered and uncomfortable. Make sure your renovation gives you enough room for your appliances, toiletries, cleaning supplies, or whatever else you want to store. There are a plethora of ways to maximize storage space as well, such as hairdryer caddies built into vanities or recessed niches into showers for your shampoo.


Plan and Budget Wisely

Bathroom renovations will always cost more than what you assume they will. The reason for this is unforeseen costs caused by mistakes and material exchanges. Therefore, once you have done your research and learned if your plan is doable, you should then sit down and create a smart budget. Stick to this budget. Do not deviate. This means calculating the cost of everything, including potential labor for rearranging the plumbing and whatnot.


Take Your Time

Lastly, go slow. Don’t rush on something as important as the bathroom. Yes, it might be frustrating to have a decommissioned bathroom for a few weeks, but this cuts down on possible devastating mistakes. Measure everything twice, double check the budget, ensure every tool and material is accounted for, and keep a diligent log of everything you do. This ensures a beautiful result in the end.


Utilize these tips the next time you plan on undergoing a bathroom renovation. By understanding the space you are working with, doing research, setting a budget, and speaking with professionals, you are guaranteeing a stunning bathroom that is both stylish and functional. Contact Dan Asllani and the Alba Home Services Ottawa team at (613)831-9802












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