Things to Know About Basement Renovation Ottawa

Basement Renovation Ottawa, Things to Know About

Alba Home Services, we do basement renovation in Ottawa. One goal that all homeowners dream of achieving but rarely get around to would be finishing the basement. Not only is a basement renovation one of the best ways to add more space to your home, but it is a chance to design a room from the beginning. That is why so many homeowners get overwhelmed and give up with basement renovations before they even begin.

Here are some things you need to know about basement renovation:


1. Consider all utilities first

Even though your basement renovation has a chance to become a jaw-dropping space, it still needs to be utilitarian in essence. Storage space, laundry appliances, home offices, bars, or more, your basement is the one place where functionality should be prioritized. Therefore, if you want to maintain this high-level of utility, consider walling off places that require privacy, such as your office; leave the area around the water heater unfinished in case of future leaking; don’t move your plumbing in possible to cut down the cost of renovation.


2. Think about an open-concept space

In order to create an aesthetically pleasing flow in the open-concept space, you need to establish groupings. This might be a TV area, dining space, office, and so on. Within these groupings, decide on specific light fixtures and various elements that allow for these areas to have their own feel without putting up walls.

Neutral colors on the walls and floor are also an excellent way of opening up the space rather than closing it up. This also creates the illusion of light. Use bolder colors as accents—throw pillows, curtains, vases, rugs, and so on.


3. Buy quality items

You might think about lowering the cost of renovations by buying discounted items, leaving the walls unfinished, or selecting mismatched used furniture. But if you’re going to put all of the effort into redesigning the basement, why do your work a disservice? Decide on cohesive color schemes, materials, and ensure all furniture and accessories are top-quality to ensure you will have a space that lasts a lifetime.


4. Think about hiring a professional

Because you are starting from the ground up, you might think you have a highly customizable space where the sky is the limit—but that can quickly be your downfall. People who aren’t experienced in renovations should hire a contractor. You might find cracks in the foundation or have to deal with plumbing and other elements that form the skeleton of your home. If you don’t know what you’re doing, a mistake can be devastating. Also, if you plan on hiring someone to renovate your basement, ensure the contractor is familiar with building permits, zoning regulations, and are specialists with plumbing and electrical work.


Renovating the basement doesn’t have to remain just a dream. It can be a reality if you plan everything out by using the above listed tips. With such an open space and the chance to create a one-of-a-kind space, you should seize the opportunity. Should you need some help with designing your basement and getting the basement project finished, consider hiring a professional contractor like Alba Home Services to do your renovations.
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