The Latest Trends In Bathroom Renovation

Are you thinking about investing in your bathroom at last but cannot come up a finalized look? In the past, bathrooms were rather cut-and-dry, and were very utilitarian; but these day, bathrooms can be some of the trendiest and most efficient rooms in your household. If you need an update and some inspiration for what is trending and available, we have compiled a list for you!


Check out some of the newest and coolest looks for your bathroom to transform it into the comfortable and luxurious place it should be.


Raw & Natural

Nothing is worse than a bathroom that looks cold, hard, and unforgiving, especially after a tiring day at work or with the children. Instead of committing to boring palettes, think about the warmth and versatility of raw, natural wood. You can select a range of timber colors in a number of surfaces, such as darker stains or rough-sawn textures. Even wood-like porcelain is all the rage these days.


Eco-Friendly Fixtures

Yes, everyone should be doing what they can do to protect the environment. That means introducing some eco-friendly appliances and fixtures into your bathroom renovation plans. For example, you can reduce your water usage with more efficient water heaters as well as low-flow showerheads, faucets, and toilets. You can even add accents like oiled teak shower mats, bamboo accessories, organic cloths, recycled tile, and steel bathtubs.


Victorian & Industrial Vibes

While you might think that your house is too modern or contemporary for the sleek and classic appeal of Victorian design, you’d be wrong! Victorian-inspired bathrooms can use exposed piping, marble, freestanding tubs with ball-and-claw feet, and so much more. You can also get away from black-and-white looks to introduce dusky Victorian palettes to the walls, or even Victorian wallpaper.


Another trend would be the industrial sink and vanity. The modern look is made edgier with gold or brass or matte black fixtures and accents, intriguing tile patterns, exposed piping, and more. Both Victorian and Industrial style appliances and fixtures look great in bathrooms of all sizes, too.


Compact Storage

Are you tired of not being to keep anything in your bathroom? In the past, bathrooms were simple in design; but nowadays, more and more people are adding storage areas, like built-in shelving and cabinets. You can keep the elegance of your bathroom design by adding compact drawers into places you would never had thought about, such as rolling shelves between the vanity and the wall. Say goodbye to those days when the medicine cabinet was the only storage spot you had.


Spice Up Life With Color

As we had mentioned, the trends in bathroom renovation are bringing palettes farther and farther way from grays and other monochrome aesthetics. This means that you can now use splashes of color, such as reds, yellows, oranges, and bright blues for accent pieces, even if you have gray walls or flooring. You can use pops of color to brighten up more neutral shades. For example, you can use greens and blues to increase a sense of calm or relaxation, or you can inspire your creativity with bright, fiery hues and feel more productive throughout the day. Your imagination can be your guide when it comes to decorating your bathroom now!


Now that you have seen some of the trends for modern bathrooms of all shapes and sizes, you can hopefully start to formulate your ideal bathroom. Once you have your idea in mind, reach out to the professional contractor to learn more about the bathroom renovation process.












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