Soffit and Fascia Contractor in Stittsville, Ont.

Soffit and Fascia contractor in Stittsville, Ontario – Boost your homes Curb Appeal

Are you looking for a home renovation service contractor to update your Soffit and Fascia in Stittsville, Ontario? Are you in search of a local Soffit and Fascia contractor? If so, allow us to quote you a price. Alba Home Services is proud to be one of the best local general contractor services in Stittsville with experience with Soffit and Fascia installation. We can provide you with a new Soffit and Fascia installation in Stittsville, Ontario, and surrounding areas. We’re fully insured, our work is guaranteed, we are licensed and pride ourselves on being a professional, trustworthy, and reasonable home improvement company serving the Stittsville area. Contact us for a no-obligation consultation on your Soffit and Fascia replacement project. 613-831-9802

As a home renovation contractor, Alba home services can offer you various Soffit and Fascia options for your new or existing homes in Ottawa’s west end.
There are many Soffit and Fascia choices for you to consider. We offer professional installation in various colors and styles to fit your needs and lifestyle in Stittsville, Ontario. Alba Homes Services only use premium materials from the most trustworthy manufacturers. All you have to do is pick the product and the shade you prefer and trust us to do everything else.

Soffit and fascia contractor in stittsville
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If you live in or around the K2K and K2S Ontario postal codes area, give us a call, we will be delighted to drop over and give you an estimate.

What are Soffits?
Soffit and Fascia contractor in Stittsville

Your soffit is the underside of the eaves that connects your home’s outside wall to the roofline.
Soffits play a critical role in allowing your house, especially the roof, to breathe.
Older homes will typically have wood soffits with a few vents. More common in recent home construction are aluminum soffits, which include built in venting. These allow much more airflow into the attic and are generally maintenance-free and require no painting.
Adequately installed soffits will increase the lifespan of your shingles while lowering your energy costs in both heating and air conditioning.

What is Fascia?

Fascia contractor in Stittsville

The fascia is the flat board directly between your roof edge and soffit. The eavestrough attaches to the fascia.
Covering your wood fascia with aluminum prevents the boards from rotting by protecting them from the weather. This also makes your fascia virtually maintenance-free.

The Significance of Soffit and Fascia.

Soffit and Fascia enhancements can make a distinction in the appearance of a house. It is one of your home’s essential attributes of your home’s outside. Soffit and Fascia plays an incredibly fundamental part in protecting your home’s roofline.

Air from the soffit cycles to the vents to draw warmth and dampness far from the house. Wetness is mold’s breading ground, as well as the reason for roof rot and lousy air quality in your home. Your roof needs ventilation.

raccoonAs a Soffit and Fascia contractor in Stittsville, it’s not uncommon for us to see rodents setting up living accommodations in your old soffit. Maintaining and upgrading your soffit will help keep rodents from slipping into your home through the roofline.


If you are ready for a home renovation contractor with experience with soffit/fascia installation, repair & replacement, give us a call. We will add beauty, value, and curb appeal to your Stittsville home. Let our professionals from Alba Home Services consult with you on your Soffit and Fascia replacement project with new colorful Soffit and Fascia materials to accent your home.


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Alba Home Services provides soffit and fascia installation in Ottawa and as far out as Stittsville and surrounding areas.
soffit, fascia, and home siding play an essential component in your house’s construction and appearance. The soffit offers intake ventilation for your attic room, protects your home from destructive rodents and animal intrusion. It also covers the underhang of your gables and roof covering. House owners can upgrade their homes by installing soffit, fascia, as well as house siding.

Be sure to give Alba Services a call before you sign any contracts with one of the home improvement companies in your area. Contact us, and we will provide you with a  no-obligation consultation price.