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Which Ontario Home Renovations Increase the Value of Your Home the Most?

When some people meet with their Nepean home renovation contractor, they already know exactly what sort of remodel they want. Others a less certain and simply need something that boosts their home value right before they sell it. According to data from years of real estate sales, these are the most profitable home renovations.

New Siding


Nothing changes the overall look of your home as quickly as new siding. from a reliable Ottawa siding contractor. Several analysts agree that new siding provides the highest return on investment overall. It is fairly affordable, yet it boosts your curb appeal so much that you can make thousands more when you sell the home. Siding also saves you money while you live in the house. Its insulating properties help you save on heating and cooling costs, and it requires less expensive maintenance than materials like wood.

Attic and Basement Conversions

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Anything that increases the amount of usable space in your home bumps up your house’s value. If you have an attic or basement that is unfinished, you might want to consider converting it to a livable space. What may look to you like a big beal, for us at Alba Home Services this is often as simple as just installing some plumbing, electrical, flooring, and drywall. The typical home renovation service contractor Nepean charges less for an attic conversion since it is a little simpler. However, both types of remodeling are very affordable and give you a new bedroom, playroom, office, or other space that will be build to Ontario’s building code.

Kitchen Update

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A beautiful kitchen with plenty of modern conveniences is one of the most sought after home features. Buyers are willing to pay a lot more for a home with a remodeled kitchen, so it really increases property value. The average cost of a complete kitchen remodel tends to be around $20,000, so it is a pricier project especially if you choose to replace major appliances too. However, you can recoup roughly 80 percent of remodel costs due to your higher home value.

Master Bathroom Remodels

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If you’re trying to figure out which bathroom your home renovation contractor Nepean should remodel first, go with the master bathroom. A luxurious master bathroom does more than just help you unwind after a tough day. It also increases your property value by making your home more appealing to potential buyers.

home Renovation Contractor in Nepean
Of course, it is helpful to know which renovations provide the most return on your investment, but profit is not the only thing to consider when planning you’re remodeling with Alba Home Services. Even remodels that do not greatly boost property value can still be beneficial because they make you more comfortable and relaxed in your own home. Whether you have a certain home renovation in mind or just want some ideas, we can help. Alba Home Services is a reliable and expert Nepean home renovation contractor like Alba Home Services. Give us a call to discuss your next project. We do all types of renovation work in Nepean and surrounding areas.

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