Windows Replacement & Installation

ottawa-window-installationA house is not a home without windows. Not only are windows the primary source of receiving natural illumination indoors, they also serve as cross-ventilation. For example, having a window in the kitchen helps hot air escape. Windows also help you see outside and can become escape routes in the event that a building is on fire or about to collapse. Though windows might not seem like much more than a design feature on a house, without them a space would feel dark and stuffy. Thus, they add a visual appeal and guarantee that your home retains its overall value, because more and more people are opting for more window space on their homes.

In order to keep your home in excellent condition, windows also need to be maintained and sometimes repaired. For instance, old windows that no longer close completely can be letting in allergens and become a target for burglars. Neglecting your windows can put everyone at risk.

Whether you have a broken window frame, cracked glass, water damage, or need an old window restored, Alba Home Services has a number of window services for your to choose from, such as:

  • Window installation
  • Window repair and renovation – frame and window realignment, broken lock repair, glass repair, and more. Whether you are looking to improve the appearance of your home or are looking for more energy-efficient windows, Alba Home Services can provide assistance in the selection and installation of your new windows.
  • Glass replacement – cracked or broken windows and glass doors
  • Skylight dome repair and replacement
  • Window lock installation and replacement/repair – increase the security of your home by adding or repairing locks on your windows
  • Window balancing – for when windows don’t shut properly, due to water damage or frame warping. Rebalancing window frames and windows can help reduce energy bills by sealing off spaces in your household more effectively.
  • Window cleaning and maintenance

No matter how long you have had your windows, it’s never too late to get them repaired or replaced. Though the immediate cost or process might seem intimidating, Alba Home Services has the knowledge and skills to make each step doable. We offer reasonably priced window installation, repair, and renovations; so contact us today to learn more about our window services or receive a free estimation. We look forward to hearing from you.