Soffit/Fascia Installation, Repair & Replacement


Alba Home Services is more than happy to help you select and install soffit and fascia, two vital pieces in architecture, for your home. Most often, people don’t notice how important soffit and fascia is for their home—but we do.

What is the Soffit and the Fascia?

If you are unsure if what you’re looking for is soffit or fascia, let’s first define them.

Soffit is the exposed siding beneath the roof overhang. Although soffit is on the underside of a roof and not very valuable in terms of curb appeal, it is an essential piece of the roof. Soffit helps with venting your home, especially if you have an attic. Similarly, soffit prevents animals and insects from getting into your home (when compared to an exposed underside of the roof).

Fascia is a partner to soffit and is the siding directly above soffit, making it that visible line between the roofing and the underside. Since fascia is were eavestroughing (rain gutters) is placed, it can sometimes get worn down easily. Unlike soffit, fascia is present in the curb appeal of your home.

We offer a broad range of services for soffit and fascia:

  • Installation – aluminum, wood, vinyl options available
  • Repair – don’t leave those cracks and holes open
  • Design and construction – pairs with roofing service in most cases
  • Colour matching – when you replace or add soffit and fascia to your home, Alba Home Services can match the colour to your siding.

If you are interested in our soffit/fascia service in your area and would like to know more or want a free price estimate, please contact Alba Home Services today. We look forward to hearing from you.