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Ottawa Siding ServicesOne of the most important features of a house’s exterior would be the house siding. Not only is it what shields your home from the elements, but home siding is also key to curb appeal and visual representation of your household. While your home’s siding is not as susceptible to damage as rooftops, in wind storms and other weather-related events, it can get scratched, punctured, and perforated, which could affect the insulation and framework underneath. Not only that, but weathered siding could be increasing your energy bills.

Deciding to invest in new home siding options or vinyl siding repair is always a smart move. Not only will it give the exterior of your home a makeover, but it can also add insulation and reduce the volume of outside noise.


  • Siding repair and renovations
  • Siding installation — chose the material and colour that you want and trust us to do the rest
  • Insulation and home wrapping — two integral steps in adding or renovating the siding of your home
  • Combination roofing and siding construction, repair, or renovation
  • Provision of various siding styles – vinyl, metal, fiber, wood, engineered wood siding, stone, etc.
  • We are also happy to combine siding, soffit, and fascia installation and replacements or repairs to keep colours and materials uniform.

We can also help you choose house siding ideas.

Explore Our Different Home Siding Options

When it’s time to add new siding to your home, the most important decision is choosing the best material. There are all sorts of styles of siding available for your house. Each material comes with its unique perks and downsides. Learning about your options will help you find the right choice for your home.

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding in Ottawa is one of the most popular siding types overall. Homeowners love it because it has a reputation for being affordable and convenient. Vinyl siding comes in various colors, textures, and sizes, so you can find exactly the look you want for your home. Some types of vinyl siding even have insulation built into the panel to be very energy efficient. It is often considered the most budget-friendly option. If you would like to learn more about vinyl siding pros and cons, please click on this link.

Just keep in mind that vinyl is a bit less durable than other types of siding. If your vinyl siding gets hit by things like hail, baseballs, or garden tools, it tends to warp or crack until you fix your vinyl siding. Some vinyl types may fade or discolor due to sun damage as well. You may need vinyl siding repair reasonably often.

Natural Wood Siding

Natural wood siding is the classic look that most other siding materials are trying to copy. With its traditional appearance and soft texture, wood siding adds a touch of natural beauty to any home. A big perk of wood is that you can refinish it and paint or stain it a new color several times. Wood siding is also relatively easy to repair, so if this durable material is damaged, you can replace the broken part.

All the perks of wood siding come with a few downsides, though. It is a bit on the pricey side to install at first, though it is not as expensive as options like a brick. You also have to be very careful to keep up with maintenance. You typically need to repaint your wood every five to seven years, and bugs or moisture can damage your siding’s integrity.

Engineered Wood Siding

Engineered siding Maibec CanExcel siding. Love the look of wood siding but not the cost? Say hello to engineered wood siding. This affordable siding combines wood chips with various synthetics and pressing them into plank-shaped boards. With the highly detailed textures and finishes, this type of siding can be almost indistinguishable from the real thing. Another benefit is that it often has additives that help it resist sun and insect damage, and it withstands a lot of damage.

Engineered wood siding is quickly gaining popularity with homeowners and home designers. Some people use it to add accent features to newly design homes, and others use it as siding for the complete house with an accent color as the trim.

The main enemy of engineered wood siding is moisture. If the protective coating is damaged, the composite wood inside soaks up liquids. Water can cause boards to swell, warp, and rot. It would help if you were proactive with maintenance to keep this from happening. if you need an engineered wood siding installer in Ottawa just give us a call.

Metal Siding

Unlike most other sidings, metal cannot be damaged by the sun, insects, or even fire. This type of siding requires little maintenance and has a very long lifespan without Ottawa siding repair. Due to its longevity and recyclability, metal is one of the most eco-friendly siding styles. Many people assume metal looks cold and sterile, but the reality is that modern metal siding can be manufactured to have all sorts of stylish colors and textures.

For example, metal siding is common in the Ottawa region because of the thickness and resilience it provides. Metal siding can also be cut to custom lengths, ensuring that every section of your home’s exterior is waterproof, rustproof, and wind-resistant.

Metal has a high upfront cost, but it does not require much maintenance or siding repair in Ottawa later on. Also, it is not recommended for damp climates. If you pick a more fragile metal like aluminum, your siding may pick up some unsightly dents over time.

Stone Veneer Siding

This type of siding creates the look of cozy stone walls without being heavy and expensive. Stone veneer is typically made of a synthetic material that combines powdered rocks with other materials. It is reasonably affordable and very fast and easy to install. When properly installed and maintained, stone veneer siding is extremely durable.

However, you do need to install stone veneer correctly. Some manufacturers market it as a DIY product because it is simple to install. However, if done improperly, moisture can leak behind the stone and cause all sorts of problems that will have you frantically asking, “where can I find siding repair near me?!”

Brick Siding

Brick’s traditional beauty makes it a classic siding choice. In addition to looking very warm and welcoming, it is also durable and pest-resistant. Its thick, dense structure means that brick is very energy-efficient. Like metal, brick is recyclable and eco-friendly.

Just keep in mind that the mortar used for bricks is not as durable as the bricks themselves. Over time, the elements can wear away the mortar, damaging your siding’s structural integrity and requiring siding repair. You will need to be comfortable regularly re-mortaring your brick to keep it looking good. Brick is also one of the most expensive siding types.

Wood Shingles Siding

Wood shingle siding has all the same benefits as natural wood siding. It has a warm, inviting appearance and is very easy to refinish or repair. Since such small pieces of wood are used, this siding is particularly easy to fix up as needed. It is frequently made of cedar, a type of insect-resistant wood that can last for decades without siding renovation.

Wood shingles are typically a little pricier to install than bare natural wood siding. Like natural wood, you will need to remember to paint or stain it again every few years. If you get cedar for your siding, keep in mind that cedar reacts poorly to iron. Therefore, the nails and tools you use for installation need to be carefully selected.

Stucco Siding

This siding is made by blending cement, water, and sand into a textured wall surface. It works particularly well for homes with Mediterranean or Spanish style architecture. Unlike many other types of siding, stucco is very fire resistant. Another bonus is that it is affordable and does not require much maintenance.

Stucco siding can crack as your home foundation settles or shifts. Hairline cracks do not damage your siding’s integrity, but they can be unsightly and cause problems if you don’t get home siding repair. Another potential problem is that stucco does not insulate well. You need to be prepared to add more insulation underneath if you do not want high energy bills.

Concrete Siding

Also called fiber cement board siding, this is a type of house siding that mimics the look of natural wood. It is essentially boards of material that are made by blending cement and natural fibers. Like vinyl, concrete siding is quite affordable. It is also extremely durable. The siding can stand up to pests, hail, sun, and moisture. In most cases, the siding lasts 50 to 75 years.

Concrete siding is cheaper than wood and brick, but it is still a bit pricier than vinyl. The boards can also be a little tricky to install, so it is important to pick an installer who can handle them properly. Furthermore, the insulation levels are a bit lower than some of your other siding options.

Our certified installers have paired up with some of the best siding manufacturers around to deliver quality work to stand the test of time. If you are interested in installing or replacing siding on your home, contact Alba Home Services today for more information or a free price estimation. We have a complete installation checklist for you to review. We look forward to hearing from you.