Ground Level Wood Deck

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Ground Level Wood Deck in Ottawa

If you’ve been thinking about having a ground-level wood deck built, don’t wait any longer! Alba Home Services is one of the leading, trusted builders of wood patio decks in Ottawa and the surrounding area.

If you have questions about the deck building process, the materials involved, or how to have the deck of your dreams built, you’ve found the right company.

This article will serve as a jumping-off point to start you on your decking education journey, but don’t worry if it feels a little overwhelming. The highly recommended team at Alba will take care of everything as they build your new ground-level wood deck for you and your family to enjoy.

The Best Material to Use When Building a Ground Level Wood Deck

When it comes to building a backyard deck, you want to be sure that it is done correctly. Rest assured that the builders at Alba Home Services have years of experience and know the wood deck industry inside and out.

They will be able to suggest the perfect wood material for your decking project. Let’s take a look at some of the best woods to use when building wood patio decks.

Pressure Treated Wood

Pressure-treated wood (wood that has been treated chemically to resist rot and decay when in contact with the ground) is probably the most well-known decking material. Rivaled for its affordability and durability, it is a long-lasting choice that won’t break the bank.


Cedar is an attractive decking option, both in durability and aesthetics. Cedarwood is a long-lasting hardwood that does very well in holding up against the elements. Its beautiful, rich color deepens over time and can be sealed or stained if you wish.


If you’re concerned about insects damaging your deck, consider building with redwood, which is naturally insect resistant. It is also the most fire-resistant hardwood available.

Composite Decking

alba homes composit decks
For the ultimate in low-maintenance decking, composite decking boards are the way to go. This wood substitute is made of recycled plastic, not splinter, rot, or regular upkeep with sanding, painting, or staining.

Deck Rails

The final crowning piece of any wood deck is the deck rails. Deck railings are considered the last element that can take a so-so deck to a real show stopper. There are so many options available, and Alba Home Services is the perfect place to discuss railings that will bring ultimate curb appeal to your yard. Skip the big box store where options are limited and come right to the source. Here are just a few options for deck rail available from Alba Homes:

  • Ready to Assemble Aluminum Railings
  • Wood Railings
  • Composite Railings
  • Glass Insert Panels
  • Decorative Metal Railings
  • And Much More

When choosing your deck railing, it is important to consider the overall style and feel that you’re trying to achieve with your ground-level wood deck and your yard as a whole. Is it a place that needs to be kid and pet-friendly? Aluminum or wood would probably be best for you. Are you looking to show off and create a backyard oasis? For a fancy design, consider glass inserts of decorative metal railings.

There are so many wood deck options these days that can be customized to fit any size yard and budget—tired of muddy feet tracking from the swimming pool into the house? A wood deck built around the pool is the perfect solution!

Are you looking for a leisurely space to sit back, relax and enjoy family meals? A ground-level deck of any size can be just what you need. You can even take it up several notches and have a wood deck built with a pergola attached to create ambiance and provide much-needed shade on sunny summer days. Decks provide the perfect opportunity to showcase a new set of patio furniture, a DIY outdoor dining table, or a group of comfortable lounge chairs.

Adding a deck to any yard provides a dedicated area for relaxation, fun, and family time. Let Alba Home Services in the Ottawa area come out and make your deck dreams a reality.
You will be able to enjoy your new deck for years to come. Plus, patios are an investment in your home that will add value, inspire more time together with friends and family, enjoying your beautiful new deck together.
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