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google local pack alba homes Kanata

What is a Google Local Pack?

Alba Home Services is showing up in seventeen (25+) different local packs.

The Local Pack is a SERP feature that shows up on the first page of results for any local search query. It features a map of business locations along with listings for three businesses relevant to a particular search.

A Google local 3-pack is the listing of three businesses you see first in the search results. Google generates this free list of potential companies that fit your search query and paces them in the first position in this coveted spot.

The Local Pack can bring outcomes that are important to your small business’ success.
The Local 3-Pack appears in the #1 spot 93% when a local search is performed. Businesses that are optimized for a Google local search have a better chance of ranking at the top of the search results page. If you are ranked for Google’s prestigious Local Pack, your business will reap the benefits. In other words, this is a significant advantage for your business.


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