Coach Houses In Ontario

What is a Coach Home

Coach homes, also known as remises or carriage house, is an outbuilding that has been built initially primarily to house the horse-drawn carriage cars and the related equipment.
It is a separate residential unit that is subsidiary to and located on the same plot of land as the principal residence. However, it is its very own building.
The coach houses have evolved through the ages with time, and newer designs are introduced by architects and builders alike. There are many kinds of coach homes available today, including cottages, log cabins, bungalows, country homes, rolling mansions, and much more.
Providing rental opportunities to comfortable options for accommodating extended family, coach residences, or carriage homes, if you have space, can be an outstanding advancement and investment.
These secondary dwellings homes can be designed based on the owner’s preference. The coach residence offering has been a large part of brand-new builds, particularly across the Ottawa-Gatineau region.

What is in that Secondary Dwelling?

Coach homes are secondary dwellings, and they are a smaller version of your principal residence built on the same lot.
A coach homes’ significant components are the living room, dining room, kitchen, and sleeping rooms.
All these parts are usually placed together in one building to create the “coach” feeling. The living room is usually the main area in the coach homes and is provided with additional features such as a dining table, television, and more.
Dining rooms are usually separated from the living room so that there is extra space available for dining purposes. Kitchens are provided with stoves, refrigerators, and other kitchen appliances.
Sleeping rooms may also be separate from the living rooms, but there are times when it is included depending on the home’s size.



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