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Renovating the bathroom is exciting because at last, the bathroom of your dreams is within reach! But before you plunge into the world of bathroom renovations, there are a few things you have to think about. If you don’t think things through long enough, bathroom renovations can become a time-consuming, frustrating, and costly dilemma that results in a less than satisfactory bathroom. To help you get through renovations with a smile on your face, we have developed a bathroom renovation checklist for you to use.


Setting a budget is going to be the most poignant step towards a successful renovation. It should be the first thing on your bathroom renovation checklist. Think about everything you want to remodel. Do you want to replace everything? Or do you only need some new appliances? As you list the items for the renovation, you can start to come up with the prices for each part of the renovation. For example, if you choose to repaint the bathroom, replace the tile floor, add a new vanity, and change the lighting, you can estimate the cost of each part, how long it would take, and if you would need professional help to get everything sorted out.


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Contrary to popular belief, a bathroom renovation, whatever the scale, will not take a few days. Sometimes, it takes much longer. Not all materials are going to be available right away. Sometimes, you uncover problems that were unexpected, or the items you have aren’t the ones you wanted. The scale of the project, size of the bathroom, number of tasks that have to be completed, and so on will change the duration of the project.


Therefore, you have to consider how much time you have to go without a bathroom and if you have the ability to attempt doing everything at once. Planning time is essential because you have to make arrangements if you will be going without showers or a toilet for a few days.


Potential Problems

As mentioned earlier, when you fully gut the bathroom, you may uncover problems that you had no idea existed. Depending on the age of your house, you might find damages from water, mold or mildew growth, pests, or old piping that needs to be replaced. Always inspect the bathroom for deficiencies first so you can find the corrosion or other problems before starting the actual renovation.


Design Functionality and Appeal

As you start planning the duration of the project and the budget, also think about the materials in terms of appeal and functionality. The paint, lighting, vanities, showers, tubs, toilets, tiles, and so on all have millions of choices. The colors and materials are interdependent on one another. While a visually appealing room is great, it needs to work well too. Think about vents, window placement, doors, cabinets, mirrors, the measurements of everything, and even how fixtures fit on appliances. If you have natural light, emphasize that. If you need more artificial light, opt for 4 watts of lighting per square foot.



When the image starts coalescing, you will realize that you might not be able to do everything by yourself. What might have seemed like a DIY job before might become complex. Difficult jobs, like adding new wiring or setting plumbing will require a professional to tackle. Can you fit these professionals within your budget? Remember, while it might seem like a higher expense to have a pro contractor on the job, having the renovation done right the first time is much more cost-effective!


When all is said and done, you will be happy you considered your budget and timing. Use this simple bathroom renovation checklist when planning everything out, you will be much more successful and have a beautiful new bathroom to show for it.

A bathroom renovation project can be a challenging task if you don’t hire a professional contractor. A good contractor needs to be capable of completing your project on your time and budget. Good bathroom renovation contractors are also skilled, they won’t rush into work and they will spend the extra time to explain to you the budget, time, and potential issues before starting your project.

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