5 Basement Renovation and Design Trends For The Future

Adding space and value to your Ottawa home is easy if you have a basement. The basement is often used for storage space and goes unfinished for months or even years, but all that untapped potential should not go to waste.

Here are some renovation trends and ideas to get you inspired to redo your basement:


1. Open Space

A continuing trend for the past number of years has been open concept basements. Depending on the layout of your basement, you may wind up removing some walls or other obstacles to help with aesthetic or opening up the space. Minimalists also tend to like open space, since it helps with constantly changing activities, group sizes, and lifestyles.


2. Guest Suite

Do you enjoy entertaining people but also want to give friends and visiting family members their own quiet space? Many basement renovations recently in Canada, particularly in Vancouver, Ottawa and Toronto, have been converting unused space into a guest suite. This way, you can lend out the space on sites like Airbnb or save it for relatives when they come from far away.


3. Expansion

Is your household not as big as you like? Is your family growing? You can increase your home’s size without ever adding on. Many homeowners choose to expand by adding on another dining area, a bar, an office space, yoga space, playroom, or something else below the ground floor.


4. Hideaway

Seeking a place to hang out without being bothered? The basement can be a great hideaway. Create a cave for yourself, full of things that you enjoy. Since the basement is naturally soundproofed by being below the ground, you can even think outside of the box, so to speak. Do you like playing music and don’t want to wake the neighbors? Create a recording studio or rehearsal space. Need a place to go at night so you don’t wake the family? Create a TV room or art space or workout room.

Whatever you need, your basement can become.


5. Entertainment Zone

The more technology developed, the easier it becomes to make a home theater. You can create a space that has a huge TV screen, comfortable chairs, surround sound systems, heating, lighting, a popcorn machine, a full far, and more to transform your basement into a gaming or moving-watching sanctuary.


These are just five of the trending basement renovation ideas, but there are thousands out there. You can transform your basement into whatever you want! The possibilities are limitless, so how will you use that space?

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