5 Questions You Should Ask A Siding Contractor

“A prudent question is one-half of wisdom.”

Francis Bacon said that once, and it applies to everything in life, including home improvement. Whenever you consider hiring a siding contractor for any work on your house, you need to rule out those who won’t deliver. By knowing what to ask, what to listen for, and how to navigate the jargon, you should be able to find a professional contractor for your siding project with no problem.

Let’s look at the questions you should be asking a siding contractor below.

1. What materials do you recommend and have the most experience with? How many years of experience have you had with installing siding?

These two questions should be asked back-to-back. You might not even have to ask the second part, because a great contractor will touch on their experience with you. If you’re interested in knowing how long they have been installing siding, how they have continued their education, and what their recommendations are for your household, it shouldn’t take much prodding. By asking what their recommendations are, you get insight into how they solve problems and if they are up to speed on the currently trending brands and materials.

Many siding contractors specialize in specific brands or materials, so do your own research to determine which materials you’d like for your home. This will help when it comes to discussing your needs and wants.


2. How many jobs have you completed? Do you have any before and after photos or referrals?

When a professional group has been servicing the region for a while, they are bound to have completed hundreds of jobs. Knowing what they have done and where the professionals’ experience lays can be an excellent indicator of how well they can complete your project.

Most professional groups will tell you about current or past jobs they worked on without you even needing to ask. Plus, most contractors are now posting before and after photographs online, as well as testimonials. Many review sites will also have something to say about them, especially if they have been around for a while. Reading the testimonials, or searching for your own referrals, can help you decide who has the best customer service and knowledge.


3. Do you offer any warranties or guarantees? If repairs or replacements are needed, how would you handle that?

Make sure that you ask about any warranties that come with the products you are having installed. All siding typically comes with a manufacturer warranty that could last anywhere from a number of days to a lifetime, but most siding contractors will have their own guarantees. Ask about guarantees of service, workmanship, and durability. Those should be for at least 10 years, because sometimes improper installation is not immediately noticeable.


4. What color options for the siding is available? Do you handle customized colors?

Every kind of siding has color options. However, every siding contractor has only a select amount of siding in their inventory. You should contact manufacturers to ask about customizing colors, especially if the contractor you decide to use doesn’t have the color in stock. Likewise, you should discuss with the contractor how viable painting the siding is, or if they have connections to a supplier who can help. Always consider how various materials have various shades. You might have more options than you think.


5. How do you quote me? Will you itemize each cost? Are material and labor charges separate?

If you’re on a tight budget, knowing how to ask about payment and how to read the invoice is crucial. First, it helps you figure out if you can pay everything in one installment or if you need to set up a financial plan. Second, it’s imperative to know how honest and transparent the contractor is. You should also ask about the fees for the disposal of materials, or if different materials have additional costs.

Knowing how to ask the right questions when you are searching for a contractor is essential to a job well done. Never hesitate to get the information you need. Reputable professional home improvement companies in Ottawa will be more than happy to answer your questions.

When it comes to home renovations, it is easy to let your imagination run wild as to what new and creative things you can do to your old home. Many times people renovate their homes for new and improved living space, function, value, and style. It is important to pick a contractor who has the experience and skills to transform your old house into your dream home. Contact us today if you need help choosing a home renovation contractor in Nepean, or anywhere in the Ottawa area.

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