3 Things When Remodeling The Bathroom for 2020

Bathroom remodeling is exciting for many Ottawa homeowners. Finally, you are getting the bathroom that you have always wanted—and yes, you do have a dream bathroom. Of course, once you start thinking about all the things you want, you might overlook some of the more important things, like just how difficult remodeling a bathroom can be.


Here are three things you should keep in mind in 2020 when remodeling your dream bathroom:


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1. Don’t Go Forward Without A Plan

Renovating a bathroom is not the same as cleaning out the pantry or repainting the bedroom. It is a complex task that is going to take way more time than anticipated—particularly if you don’t have a plan.


To make a remodeling plan for the bathroom, you need to consider your goals for the project. What do you want to change and how? What is your budget? Do you want to move around plumbing? Are you updating appliances? Once you have figured out what you want, consult with a bathroom contractor or an interior design company to see if what you are planning on doing can be done within budget.


2. Avoid Common Pitfalls and Surprises

The priciest pitfalls and mistakes are made by people who didn’t look before they leaped. In other words, if you are going to change the plumbing, add new appliances and lighting fixtures, put down new floor and maybe knock down a wall, you need to know if you are making the right choices.


For example, do you know if the paint you chose can stand high humidity? Is the flooring made for wet conditions? Is there a plumbing or electrical code that you have to comply with to pass inspection? Did you get the right permits? Is the lighting going to be bright enough?

Consult with professionals. With their advice, you can avoid making costly mistakes. Remember, it costs sometimes three times as much to correct a mistake than it does to be careful.


3. Don’t DIY Everything Alone

Even if you are a pro DIYer, the bathroom is bound to cause confusion. Yes, you can lay new tiles, change sink and bathtub fixtures, and even paint the walls without needing help; but then you get to the electrical wiring and plumbing pipes and have no idea how to proceed. Rather than turning to an online tutorial or YouTube video, consider hiring a professional first.


Hiring a professional will save time and money. For instance, professional plumbers can inspect the plumbing prior to remodeling to let you know if anything should be repaired or replaced. They can also securely install that new toilet or vanity quickly and without problems. With a professional, you won’t have to worry about buying specialized tools, either.


Their work is guaranteed, as well. So if anything does happen, you aren’t the one responsible for the cleanup.

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